Strategic initiatives

During the reporting period the Information Technology (IT) department played a key business enabling and supporting role. The focus was on leveraging IT investments and implementing IT solutions with the aim of achieving customer service excellence.

The year under review focused on the key IT strategic initiatives which included:

  • Cloud-based email services for high service availability and business continuity
  • Strengthen the network perimeter security to prevent unauthorised access to corporate data and information
  • Deal financing and legal pipeline streamlining to continuously improve the turnaround times for client funding
  • Internal business process improvement such as invoice automation to enhance financial controls and timeous invoice settlements
  • Upgraded audio and video conferencing technology and facilities to ensure secure and high quality audiovisual data transmission, and minimise business travel cost

IT alignment

As part of the current Project Evolve implementation process, the IT department is aligning IT systems and services with the business value chain. The department is planning to implement a new network infrastructure technology solution to improve digital technology connectedness, improve data throughput, achieve high service availability and minimise IT waste of network and computing resources.

IT governance and risk management

The IT security controls are continuously strengthened through operational IT security monitoring, IT security awareness communication, vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and audit reviews to ensure the security and integrity of the corporate electronic information and data.

To minimise IT-related threats and risks, the IT department in partnership with Risk Management periodically assess and review IT risks to strengthen risk mitigation controls.