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Tender Number: T21/11/16 - Q&A

Tender Number: T21/11/16

Question and Answers Version 1

Please advise if there is no briefing for this tender.

Yes the is no briefing session for this tender

I would like to find out if one bids, do you have to have the capacity to evaluate all or can you bid for valuation of plant, equipment and machinery only?

As stipulated on page 15 of the bid document bidders may choose to bid for one or both categories i.e Land and Bulding valuation/or Plant, Equipment and Machinery (PEM) valuation

Are we required to be registered with the IDC suppliers or only the central data base as suppliers?

No the bidder is not required to be registered with the IDC. The bidder must be registered with  Central Supplier Database CSD.

We totally concur that we have to develop our new valuers for future development and the well- being of the valuation fraternity, however, our main question is, has the IDC committed  by training Trainee Valuers in-house and sharing IDC’s knowledge in the industry ? 

 We do not train Valuers in- house. Through the service providers that we may procure valuation services from, on  a need basis we seek to contribute towards the advancement of  the valuation fraternity 


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